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Individuals looking for work in healthcare administration will do well to earn a graduate level degree in a relevant program of study. Many online universities offer fully accredited master's degree programs in general health or specializations within the healthcare field. While the MHA degree is very popular, students should also consider MS degrees within different healh-related specializations or the Master of Public Health degree.

As one of the leading providers of higher education in the US, Ashford University has expanded its online programs to include health administration in response to changing trends and technology. This includes three programs now available online for health administration. The first is a Master's of Business Administration and the second is a Master's of Arts. The last is a Bachelor's of Arts program available for students seeking an undergraduate degree.
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Kaplan University offers an MBA in healthcare management that comprises 60 quarter credit hours of study. Students of this program will develop the leadership, innovation, and corporate responsibility knowledge and skills required of a professional in the healthcare sector. In addition to this program, Kaplan also offers an MS in healthcare management and two MPH degrees: public health program development and health education.
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The MS in healthcare administration online degree program from Grand Canyon University prepares healthcare professionals for higher level management positions within the health industry. Students of this GCU program will learn management and business techniques as they apply specifically to healthcare endeavors.
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The MS in healthcare administration degree from Capella University can be earned online while continuing work within the field. Students of this particular specialization will study a wide range of healthcare topics, including management, managed care, finance, quality imrpovement, and law, to name a few. Related degrees offered by Capella include MPH, MPH in health management, and MS in gerontology.
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Frequently Asked Questions About MHA Degrees

Healthcare administratorsWhat exactly is a master in healthcare administration (MHA) degree?

A master of health care administration degree is specifically for those who are interested in leadership positions within healthcare organizations. Those who enroll in MHA programs will complete coursework designed to develop skills in management, leadership, communication, and more, all through the eyes of the ever-changing medical field. MHA degrees also can have a variety of specializations, depending on the type of health work the student is interested in. Obtaining a master in health administration degree is a great choice for anyone looking to further their careers in the health field.

What types of degrees are available in this field?

Students interested in obtaining an MHA degree should first understand that having an undergraduate degree is a requirement. Most people who pursue MHA degrees will have had previous experience in the medical field, however it is not essential for enrollment. There are many different degree specializations for candidates to choose from. To that end, there are widely different career opportunities depending on the type of degree an individual wishes to pursue. Below you'll find a list of the most popular master of health administration degrees:

  • Masters of Health Administration (MHA): Some students have not decided what area of healthcare they would like to focus on, while others may find that having a general degree would better suit their career needs. In these cases, a general MHA degree program is the best option. This program has many MHA courses that will prepare students for the challenges they will face in health care organizations.
  • MBA in Healthcare: Obtaining an MBA in Health care is an excellent choice for those who want to be involved in the business side of the running of hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Courses in these programs will typically cover general business topics, while focusing on examples from the medical field.
  • Master of Public Health: MPH degrees are excellent for persons interested in wide reaching approach to health care. Public health is a growing field, and this degree program will cover several important topics.
  • MS in Health Communications: One of the most essential, and too-often overlooked areas of healthcare is communication. Dealing with patients, fellow administrators, and other medical professionals requires a significant amount of communication skills. This Master of Science in Health Communications degree program aims to help students gain these essential communication skills.
  • MS - Healthcare Management: A Master of Science in Healthcare Management is a degree program designed for those who want to take management and leadership positions within their health care organizations. Many essential business classes are covered including management, finance, and human resources. All of these have a health focus.
  • MS - Gerontology: An Master of Science in Gerontology is perfect for those who are interested in both treating and caring for the elderly. This program has coursework that entails many general MHA degree classes. However, with the focus on Gerontology, there are many courses that deal with elderly healthcare.

What is the average salary of someone with a master in healthcare administration degree?

Since health care administrators have both advanced degrees and a large number of skills, they are able to obtain salaries that are highly competitive. In fact, some of the highest paid medical professionals are in administrative roles with health care organizations. Salary numbers can have significant variation, depending on the size and scope of the health care organization hiring. However, someone who has obtained an MHA degree can generally command a salary that falls between $70,000 and $110,000 annually. Those who have significant experience can make much more than this, however. For example, a CEO of an organization can expect to make as much as $180,000 or more yearly. More salary info.

What schools offer MHA degrees?

There are many different academic institutions that offer excellent options for pursuing an MHA degree. Many of these schools are traditional brick-and-mortar, but some also offer high-quality online MHA courses. Some of these schools are as follows:

  • Ohio University: OU is located in Athens, Ohio and offers a challenging and rewarding online MHA degree program. Students will receive instruction on leadership within the current health care climate, in addition to learning about technology, management, and many other areas essential to successful healthcare administration.
  • Walden University: Walden offers several options for master's degrees in healthcare fields. Students can pursue a General MHA degree, a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, or an MPA in Health Policy.
  • The University of Phoenix: The largest online university offers a variety of degrees for those interested in advanced healthcare education. These degrees include: a General MHA degree, MHA in Gerontology, MHA in Health Education, and MHA in Health Informatics. These degree programs can all be completed online.
  • Capella University: This online university has several programs tailored to fit the needs of MHA candidates. Students can pursue an MS in Health Administration, Master of Public Health, MPH in Health Management, and a Master of Science in Gerontology.
  • Des Moines University: Located in Iowa, DMU offers a high-quality M.H.A. program that is designed to support professionals working in health services administration and leadership. Courses can be taken online, or on campus.
  • Suffolk University: Suffolk University offers an MHA program that aims to prepare students to be healthcare leaders and managers who are able to guide health care organizations, including hospitals. Coursework focuses on a variety of business elements with an emphasis on how the health care field functions.
  • Indiana University: IU has a master of health administration program that is geared towards those wanting a high quality education that will advance their career opportunities. Besides the honor of being a Hoosier, students can benefit from the fast resources and dedication of faculty available at the Indiana University School of Medicine.
  • University of Minnesota: Students at Minnesota can benefit from a full-time Master of Healthcare Administration program that has been in existence for over 60 years. The program is accredited by CAHME and is currently ranked second in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Saint Louis University: SLU has an MHA degree program offered by their Department of Health Management and Policy. This program has been preparing leaders for careers in healthcare since 1947. Graduates will be prepared to take positions in a variety of health care settings including, academic medical centers, physician practices, insurance and managed care companies, and more.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago: UIC offers an MHA program through the UIC School of Public Health. Students are prepared to be leaders in healthcare fields through challenging MHA courses.

What financial aid is available for schools offering master in healthcare administration degrees?

While advanced degrees can significantly improve one's earning potential, they also carry with them a high cost. For some students, this may cause significant stress and effectively prevent them from achieving their career goals. However, it is important to understand that there are many financial aid options available for students. Students can always apply for federal aid, to see if any can be obtained. Beyond this, there are many MHA scholarships available for students. Some of these scholarships include the Corris Boyd Scholars Program, the Foster G. McGaw Scholarship, the Bugbee Book Award, ACHE-Sponsored Scholarships, MGMA-Sponsored Scholarships, HIMSS-Sponsored Scholarships, and more.

Looking for an online MHA degree?

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