Top 25 Android Apps for Your Health and Happiness

While Google’s Android hasn’t caught up with the iPhone, there are still plenty of robust apps, and plenty of people interested in using them to improve their lives. People from all walks of life, and with many different salaries, make use of Android.

If you are interested in increasing your health, you can use Android to help. Android apps are varied, and offer options for fitness, nutrition and medicine. You can even find Android apps to help you improve your level of happiness and feelings of wellbeing. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to live right. Here are 25 Android apps for your health and happiness:

Fitness Apps

Exercise and FitnessGet into shape — and stay there — with these great fitness applications that can help you enhance your exercise routine. Many of them include GPS trackers to help you keep track of your route, and easily access vital workout information.

  1. CardioTrainer: This workout log can help you exercise more effectively. Includes GPS capability to help you see your real time position, as well as save your exact route. Cost: Free, but offers add-ons that cost more.
  2. Absolute Fitness: You can manage your exercise and weight with help from this Android apps. Analyze your progress with visuals including charts and graphs. Also helps you track calorie intake so you can determine what you have burned. Cost: $4.99.
  3. Workout Manager: Manage your workouts with this Android app. Add custom exercises, and create your own workouts. You can also export data. Cost: $0.99.
  4. FitSync: Track your progress, and get free workout ideas with the help of this Android app. You can schedule workouts as well. There is a free version of FitSync, as well as a version that goes for $2.99.
  5. My Tracks: Keep track of your running and route with this app. Keep track of speed, miles traveled, and time. Works using GPS for most outdoor activities. Cost: Free.
  6. RunKeeper: This is another GPS-based Android app that allows you to keep track of your running workouts, and keep track of your routes and calories burned. Cost: Free.

Nutrition Apps

NutritionWatch what you eat with help from these great apps that encourage you to make better food choices to increase the good nutrition you receive. You can also determine what is in foods, and learn how to read food nutrition labels.

  1. Food & Nutrition: Offers educational information on diet and nutrition, and provides you with tools to pick better foods. Cost: Free
  2. Calorie Counter: Find out how many calories are in the food you are eating. Get a break down of fat content and other nutritional information as well. Cost: Free
  3. Food Tracker: Keep track of what you eat, adding up calories and figuring out which foods are best to eat. Cost: Free
  4. Food Meat Nutrition FACTS: Get accurate and detailed calories counts related to different types of meat. Cost: Free
  5. Fast Food Nutrition Facts: Quickly and easily look up calorie counts and other nutrition information about different fast food offerings. Includes information from Panda Express, Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and more. Cost: Free
  6. Soleil Organics: If you are interested in buying organic and truly natural foods, this app can help. Provides insight into food labeling, and helps you read the labels you run into at the store. Cost: $0.99
  7. UrbanSpoon: Want to know what’s available in your neighborhood to eat? This Android app breaks it down by food type, budget and location. Cost: Free
  8. Food for Baby: This Android app is designed to help you put together the kind of diet a growing baby needs to be healthy. Cost: Free

Medical Apps

MedicineThese Android apps will help you find symptoms for possible health and medical problems, and even contact others when you are in trouble. Helpful apps to help you monitor your health, and learn a bit more about keeping yourself healthy.

  1. SafetyNetMobile: This Android app will help you call for help in a variety of situations — just by shaking the phone. Can be useful when you are facing a medical emergency.
  2. Pregnancy & Medication Safety: Helpful app that can help you get FDA information on medications that you can take during pregnancy. Cost: $2.99
  3. Ovulation & Pregnancy Calendar: Track your pregnancy, figure your due date and figure out your fertility. Includes helpful calculators and rools for physicians. Cost: Free
  4. Skyscape Medical Resources: Designed for health care professionals, this app is a great way to get access to symptoms, learn about drug interactions and make better medical decisions. Cost: Free
  5. First Aid Assist: Be prepared in a medical emergency to administer first aid. This Android app offers dozens of procedures, describing so that you can perform them when needed. Cost: £3.99
  6. Travel Advisory Alerts: If you are a traveler, this Android app can be quite useful, helping you find places where epidemics are in effect and offering safety and other travel alerts. Cost: $1.99

Happiness Apps

MeditationIncrease your ability to relax, increase your brain power, and keep your life a little more organized while enhancing your wellbeing. Includes meditation and relaxation apps that can help you calm anxiety and overcome stress.

  1. Relaxus Lite: You can help yourself relax with the help of this app, which offers natural and soothing sounds to help you find a good mental state. Cost: Free, but there is also a full version for $3.99
  2. Brainwave Tuner: You can use this Android app to increase your awareness, enhance your meditation efforts and learn to focus your attention for better learning. Includes headache therapy. Cost: $3.99
  3. Meditation Words: Learn how breath is essential to meditation, and use different words and phrases to help you meditate more effectively. Includes meditations and prayers from several different traditions. Cost: Free
  4. Simply Being Guided Meditation: You can learn simple meditation techniques, and find stress relief with help of this app. Guided meditation to help you get into the frame of mind you are looking for. Comes with different meditations, depending on the time of day. Cost: $0.99
  5. Sleep Music: Get help falling asleep from this app designed to help you relax and avoid insomnia. Cost: Free

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