Top 50 Blogs on Healthcare Costs & Public Policy

Whether or not you are involved in the debate over health care reform, it is still an interesting subject. Indeed, with healthcare costs rising, and public policy playing a larger role in how things are likely to operate moving forward, it is a very interesting subject. Here are 50 blogs on healthcare costs and public policy that can help you learn more about the deabte — and what’s at stake:

Healthcare Policy Blogs

Here are some of the top blogs related healthcare policy. Includes interesting blogs on legislation and law as well.

  1. Health Commentary with Dr. Mike Magee: Get an inside look at healthcare, and insightful commentary on public policy.
  2. The Future of Aging Blog: An interesting look at the aging population, and policy related to this future.
  3. Health Blog: This is a great policy and commentary blog looking at health policy and the costs associated with healthcare.
  4. Each Patient Counts: This blog from the Massachusetts Medical Society address policy issues related to healthcare.
  5. Disease Management Care Blog: This blog addresses policy issues related to disease management.
  6. HHS Health Beat: News and policy information and commentary on healthcare from the U.S. government.
  7. Health Care Law Blog: Looks at legal issues, policy and provides commentary on healthcare costs.
  8. Health Beat: This blog is written by Maggie Mahar and addresses issues related to healthcare policy.
  9. John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog: Get insight on health policy and learn what is happening.
  10. Retired Doc’s Thoughts: Learn about health policy from one who has lived it.
  11. Doctor Pundit: This doctor blogs about healthcare policy and more.

Healthcare Costs and Reform Blogs

These blogs deal a great deal with the cost of healthcare and the need for reform. Interesting discussions, and helpful insights.

  1. A Healthy Blog: This blog looks at reigning in healthcare costs and providing health services for all.
  2. PNHP’s Official Blog: This is a blog from the organization Physicians for a National Health Program, and their look at reigning in costs and providing reform for the current system.
  3. Health Care Renewal: Addresses how it is possible to reduce costs and reform the healthcare industry.
  4. Guaranteed Healthcare Blog: This blog, from the California Nurses Association, is about the costs of insurance, and about the savings that might result from a single payer system.
  5. Health Care Cost Monitor: This blog keeps track of issues affecting cost in healthcare.
  6. DB’s Medical Rants: This blog addresses health care reform, and looks at health care in general, as well as pays attention to cost and payment issues.
  7. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Looks at healthcare reform, and provides commentary on possible cost controls and changes.
  8. Health Care RX: The Washington Post provides a look into healthcare reform, and addresses cost control and other issues.
  9. Campaign for an American Solution: This is a healthcare reform blog that looks at costs, and tries to come with viable solutions to current problems.
  10. Health Care Can’t Wait: Another blog on health reform and costs, this time from the AFL-CIO.

Health and Business Blogs

In many cases, costs and policy are linked to the business aspects of healthcare. Here are some blogs about the intersection of health and business.

  1. Healthcare Economist: Get an inside look at the economy of healthcare, and the business of of the health industry.
  2. Wall Street Journal Health Blog: Addresses healthcare and the health industry from the perspective of the most well-known business publication.
  3. Health Business Blog: This is about the business and cost issues that are a reality in the healthcare industry.
  4. The Business of Aging: Looks at the business issues and opportunities surrounding the aging population.
  5. Senior Care Notes: Another business blog focused on providing information and resources related to the business of caring for the health of the aging population.
  6. The Health Care Blog: Looks at the health industry and the healthcare system.
  7. Medical Practice Business Blog: Learn about the ins and outs of business practices for those who are interested in the business side of medicine.
  8. Health Care Industry Buzz: BNET offers a look into the latest headlines from the healthcare industry, including information on business, costs and policy.
  9. Health Care Policy and Market Review: Looks at the marketplace in terms of healthcare, and offers policy insights.

International Health Policy Blogs

Healthcare isn’t just an issue here at home. These international health policy blogs look at what is going on around the world in terms of reform and costs.

  1. Global Health Report: Tackles health issues and policy on a global scale.
  2. World Health Care Blog: Addresses healthcare reform around the world, and happenings in global health policy.
  3. IH-Blog: This international health blog looks at issues in areas of greatest concern.
  4. Global Health Policy: The Center for Global Development addresses issues related to international health policy.
  5. Health Impact Assessment Blog: Looks at HIA and how it affects global health policy.
  6. The International Medical Marketplace: Comments on different developments around the world related to the medical marketplace and policies.
  7. Smart Global Health: Looks at global health solutions and questions of policy.
  8. Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report: Get updates and information on the latest health policy happenings from around the world.
  9. Blog 4 Global Health: Addresses policy and cost issues that surround healthcare around the world.
  10. Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog: Get an inside look at what is going on in healthcare around the world, and commentary on possible solutions.

Blog Posts and Articles on Healthcare Costs and Policy

There are many blogs that host articles on healthcare costs and policy. Here are some blog posts and articles that can provide a little more insight what is going on.

  1. U.S. Health Care Costs: This is a category of blog posts from Economix, a blog from The New York Times. Learn more about health costs and policy in the U.S.
  2. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Features a post on physician income and healthcare costs. It’s an interesting comparison of what others make, and the costs of healthcare.
  3. NGM Blog Central: National Geographic Magazine offers a look at the cost of healthcare in other countries, as compared to the U.S., with an interesting graphic.
  4. Shots: NPR’s health blog looks at the rising costs affecting states and consumers throughout the U.S.
  5. DailyFinance: An interesting post on the expected jump in healthcare costs, and an overview of policy moves to try and counteract the effects.
  6. The Huffington Post: Dr. Dennis Gottfried shares his thoughts on some ways to reign in healthcare costs as part of policy reform.
  7. Blog for Iowa: An interesting article on the idea of a voucher plan for Medicare as part of health care reform and cost control.
  8. The White House Blog: Officials at the White House offer insight into health care costs and the status quo.
  9. Room for Debate: Offers a variety of opinions and ideas related to healthcare policy and to controlling rising healthcare costs.
  10. James Pethokoukis Political Risk: An interesting view about healthcare reform and policy with an analysis of China’s concerns about how reform costs could impact the deficit.

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