The History of Vaccines in America: The Ultimate Web Guide

Every health administrator knows that it is important to understand vaccines, and the role they play in public health. Indeed, one of the subjects that causes a great deal of controversy and argument in the world of public health is that of vaccines. The history of vaccines in America has been long, and, recently, fraught with questions about safety.

If you are interested in a career in health administration, it is important to understand the world of vaccines. Understanding the history of vaccines in America can provide you with the background you need to have a good grasp of the situation. Indeed, understanding the history of vaccines can help you understand why some people prefer not to have their children vaccinated. Here are some resources that can help you learn about vaccines in America:

General Information on Vaccines

If you want some general resources on vaccinations, you can find it on these web sites.

  1. Vaccines & Immunization Topics: Learn about vaccine history, and other topics, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. Vaccine Information: History, vaccine preventable diseases and more, aimed at public health professionals.
  3. Vaccines: This helpful resource from the Food and Drug Administration helps you learn about vaccines and their history.
  4. National Vaccine Information Center: Information, history and helpful hints related to vaccines can be found at this center.
  5. Vaccine Education Center: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides insights and history on vaccines.
  6. Vaccines: This look at virology and vaccines from Richard Hunt at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine offers background and history.
  7. What Are Vaccines?: The Medical News offers an overview of vaccines, as well as a helpful look at the history behind vaccination in America and elsewhere.
  8. Vaccine: A great resource from Wikipedia that offers insights into the history of vaccines, as well as how they work.
  9. WHO Expanded Programme on Immunization: Put vaccines and immunization in a global perspective.

Vaccine Timelines

These timelines provide you with great information on the development of vaccines, as well as notes on the controversies surrounding vaccinations. These are great resources that provide an overview.

  1. Diseases and Vaccines: This timeline offers a look at different diseases and vaccinations, including the history of vaccines in America. The site, History of Vaccines, offers plenty of other resources as well.
  2. Polio: History of Vaccines: This timeline from the Smithsonian Institute offers a look at the development of a polio vaccine.
  3. The History of Vaccines and Immunization: Familiar Patterns, New Challenges: This long form article from Health Affairs attacks the history of vaccination in a timeline format.
  4. Immunization Timeline: A look at the development of vaccines, and the history behind where we are today.
  5. Vaccination Time Line: Simple timeline laid out in a basic fashion to help you pick out the facts.
  6. Vaccine Timline: An easy to navigate resource from Exploring Vaccines.
  7. Swine Flue Vaccine Timeline: A timeline from WebMD, focusing on what happened with the swine flu.
  8. Swine Flu Vaccine Timeline: Another helpful timeline looking at the swine flue. This really was an influential disease — and an important vaccine — in our history.
  9. vaccine timeline: A great resource in the search results from Google. Helps you find resources to go with the dates you see.

Safety Issues and Arguments Against Vaccines

In the last few decades, momentum has gathered amongst people who are concerned about the safety of vaccines. These resources look at the arguments that vaccines cause disease, as well as arguments against vaccinations. Also includes information on the risks that are taken with vaccines.

  1. When the vaccine causes disease: In some cases, a vaccine can actually cause disease. This story from Nature Medicine looks at that.
  2. Compelling Arguments Against Vaccination: A look at reasons to avoid vaccination.
  3. 16 Reasons not to Vaccinate: This MD and PhD offers his own reasons that you might not want to vaccinate, and addresses the history of why we decide to vaccinate, as well as recent history of disease decline.
  4. The Case Against Immunizations: Some historical background, and arguments against vaccines, in this article from the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network. Even though it’s a Canadian organization, it offers good information.
  5. A Philosophical Argument against Forced Vaccination: Looks at the history of vaccinations in America, and addresses the issue of forced vaccination, as required by the government.
  6. Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence: Offers a history of increasing autism numbers, and claims that some vaccines can cause autism.
  7. 15 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu: Looks at history and background while enumerating reasons to avoid vaccinating your children.
  8. Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children: A personal history offering insight into why one woman doesn’t believe in vaccinations. The story isn’t on an American site, but it is interesting and provides insight into the controversy in the U.S.
  9. Vaccines: know the risks: History, overview, more about vaccines and some of the risks associated with them.

Vaccines Are Safe

Of course, there are also arguments that vaccines are quite safe. Here are some of the resources that support vaccines, and offer arguments that they are helpful and healthful.

  1. Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines: This New York Times article offers insights into the safety of vaccines — and the problems that may come when children aren’t vaccinated.
  2. Do Vaccines Cause Autism: A measured look at the debate over vaccines and autism, as well as history surrounding the controversy.
  3. The Truth About the Evils of Vaccination: Addresses some of the common myths about vaccination, and points out the general safety of vaccines.
  4. CDC – Vaccine Safety: Information about vaccinations, history of vaccines and more.
  5. Institute for Vaccine History: The history of vaccines and vaccine history, as well as news and information about diseases and vaccine safety. From Johns Hopkins University.
  6. Communicating About Vaccines: Great resources about vaccine safety, and the issues surrounding them.
  7. Vaccines – Good For Adults, Too: Considers the history of adult vaccination, and its possible benefits. An interesting resource.
  8. Flu Vaccines Have Good Safety Records: Looks at the history of flu vaccines, and considers their safety. A great resource.

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