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Not everyone working in the health care field works as a doctor or nurse. Health care administration is a growing field with a high demand for qualified worked with their master’s degrees. While you can start working in the health administration field with just an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, getting your master’s degree means that you are able to apply for higher-level jobs that come complete with not only more responsibility, but also larger paychecks.

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What kind of average salary can you expect if you have your master’s in health care administration? That depends on a number of factors, including the job title you eventually take. Here’s a look at some of the average salaries for jobs in this field:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): $180,000
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO): $128,380
  • Practice Administrator: $80,000
  • Hospital Administrator: $77,195
  • Healthcare Consultant: $70,839

In addition, when you have your MHA, you’ll often qualify for jobs with better benefits. For example, according to, CEOs average $22,500 in annual bonuses, on top of their salaries. Even in other jobs in the health administration field, you can expect to receive thousands of dollars in bonuses, as well as other benefits like better health and life insurance, more paid vacation days, retirement plans, and more. So, all of these combine together to mean that you’ll earn a lot more money every year than if you just have your bachelor’s degree.

Your exact salary also depends where you work. According to studies, you’ll earn the most money if you have a MHA by working for a foundation, federal government department, or private practice. Where you live in the United States also makes a difference in your salary. The top states for all administrators in the health care field are as follows, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Washington: $109,570
  • Vermont: $107,810
  • New York: $105,010
  • Massachusetts: $104,520
  • Rhode Island: $103,830

By living in a city, you can also often earn more money. The top metropolitan areas in terms of annual wage for health administrators are as follows:

  • Salinas, California: $131,500
  • Lawrence – Methuen – Salem, Massachusetts/New Hampshire: $126,860
  • Panama City – Lynn Haven, Florida: $125,580
  • Burlington – South Burlington, Vermont: $123,290
  • Seattle – Bellevue – Everett, Washington: $118,680

However, with living in a city, your cost of living will also be higher, so you might make more money, relatively, by living in a more rural area, even if the salary you’re offered is lower.

In any case, your average salary as an administrator in the health care world will only increase if you go back to school to get your master’s degree. With online programs, you can get your degree as you continue to work, as well as save money on your education. This is a great way to qualify for better jobs, even if you don’t have the ability to become a full-time student currently.

Featured Online MHA Degrees and Other Health Programs

Individuals looking for work in healthcare administration will do well to earn a graduate level degree in a relevant program of study. Many online universities offer fully accredited master's degree programs in general health or specializations within the healthcare field. While the MHA degree is very popular, students should also consider MS degrees within different healh-related specializations or the Master of Public Health degree.

As one of the leading providers of higher education in the US, Ashford University has expanded its online programs to include health administration in response to changing trends and technology. This includes three programs now available online for health administration. The first is a Master's of Business Administration and the second is a Master's of Arts. The last is a Bachelor's of Arts program available for students seeking an undergraduate degree.
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Kaplan University offers an MBA in healthcare management that comprises 60 quarter credit hours of study. Students of this program will develop the leadership, innovation, and corporate responsibility knowledge and skills required of a professional in the healthcare sector. In addition to this program, Kaplan also offers an MS in healthcare management and two MPH degrees: public health program development and health education.
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The MS in healthcare administration online degree program from Grand Canyon University prepares healthcare professionals for higher level management positions within the health industry. Students of this GCU program will learn management and business techniques as they apply specifically to healthcare endeavors.
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The MS in healthcare administration degree from Capella University can be earned online while continuing work within the field. Students of this particular specialization will study a wide range of healthcare topics, including management, managed care, finance, quality imrpovement, and law, to name a few. Related degrees offered by Capella include MPH, MPH in health management, and MS in gerontology.
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