MHA / MPH / Healthcare MBA Careers and Jobs

Working in the health administration industry gives you a number of career path options. If you get your master’s degree in this field, you’ll open even more doors when it comes to finding a job you love. If you want an advanced degree in healthcare administration, you can get you MHA, MPH, Healthcare MBA, or other related master’s degree. Here are some of the jobs you can consider once you have this degree:

Hospital Administration

The top job here, of course is the title of CEO or president, but you can also work in one of the other jobs in hospital administration, including CFO (chief financial officer) or COO (chief operating officer). Your exact duties depend on your title, but your responsibility here will be to keep the facility moving smoothly through scheduling, dealing with insurance agents and lawyers, talking to the press, making financial decisions, and more.

Nursing Home Administration

In a nursing home, there are often some of the same administration positions as are available in hospitals, but there are special concerns with these types of facilities. The area of medicine is more specialized, and understanding the regulations associated with this business is crucial in managing this kind of facility.

Clinical Manager

A clinical manager has specialized training in one area of medicine so that they can evaluate programs and write policies for specific departments in a hospital or types of facilities. Sometimes, clinical managers are those with nursing or medical degrees who have gone back to school to also get a master’s degree in one of the health administration fields.

Foundation Administration

Working with a non-profit foundation has its own challenges, since you’ll have limited financial resources. While working for a foundation is among the highest-paid options for administrators in the healthcare world, this job is also among the most stressful, as it comes with a high level of responsibility and you’ll be working in a very emotionally-charged industry.

Health Information Managers

You can get started in the health information world with just a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree allows you to apply for management positions, as well as positions within the government dealing with classified or secure information. In this field, your job will include duties to maintain patient records. The federal government requires all healthcare facilities to follow strict security regulations, and health information managers must ensure that the facilities where they work comply with the current laws.

No matter what career path you choose to pursue with your master’s degree, one thing is certain – you’ll earn more money if you go back to school to get an MHA, MPH, or MBA in Healthcare. With online programs, this is possible while you continue to work, and many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs to help you pay for your advanced degree, so there’s really no reason not to go back to school.

Featured Online MHA Degrees and Other Health Programs

Individuals looking for work in healthcare administration will do well to earn a graduate level degree in a relevant program of study. Many online universities offer fully accredited master's degree programs in general health or specializations within the healthcare field. While the MHA degree is very popular, students should also consider MS degrees within different healh-related specializations or the Master of Public Health degree.

As one of the leading providers of higher education in the US, Ashford University has expanded its online programs to include health administration in response to changing trends and technology. This includes three programs now available online for health administration. The first is a Master's of Business Administration and the second is a Master's of Arts. The last is a Bachelor's of Arts program available for students seeking an undergraduate degree.
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Kaplan University offers an MBA in healthcare management that comprises 60 quarter credit hours of study. Students of this program will develop the leadership, innovation, and corporate responsibility knowledge and skills required of a professional in the healthcare sector. In addition to this program, Kaplan also offers an MS in healthcare management and two MPH degrees: public health program development and health education.
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The MS in healthcare administration online degree program from Grand Canyon University prepares healthcare professionals for higher level management positions within the health industry. Students of this GCU program will learn management and business techniques as they apply specifically to healthcare endeavors.
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The MS in healthcare administration degree from Capella University can be earned online while continuing work within the field. Students of this particular specialization will study a wide range of healthcare topics, including management, managed care, finance, quality imrpovement, and law, to name a few. Related degrees offered by Capella include MPH, MPH in health management, and MS in gerontology.
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