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While Google’s Android hasn’t caught up with the iPhone, there are still plenty of robust apps, and plenty of people interested in using them to improve their lives. People from all walks of life, and with many different salaries, make use of Android. If you are interested in increasing your health, you can use Android… Read the full article →

Whether or not you are involved in the debate over health care reform, it is still an interesting subject. Indeed, with healthcare costs rising, and public policy playing a larger role in how things are likely to operate moving forward, it is a very interesting subject. Here are 50 blogs on healthcare costs and public… Read the full article →

Times of recession have an effect on our health. The recent Great Recession has already created changes to our overall health, according to different experts. The pressures that come with recession, as well as lifestyle changes that it entails, often cause health changes. However, it is unclear whether these changes are largely good for our… Read the full article →